“During the years we worked together in a high-pressure environment of changing priorities I knew that when I handed Ron a project it would be done ahead of schedule and better than our competitor's product.

He has an excellent understanding of internet technologies and has proven himself to be a visual innovator with exceptionally strong creative and problem solving skills to analyze, conceptualize, present and execute ideas beyond articulated needs of the business. He bridged the gap many times between technology and business with his ability to communicate design and user experience goals to a variety of people and disciplines.

Ron will be a tremendous asset to any company who is looking to get a step up on the competition."

Ganapathy "Krish" Krishnan
SVP Products/Technology & CTO
Collaborations: ESD | ESD-lite | Techwave

"Ron is a creative genius.

Working together on an e-commerce project for a major bank, I witnessed how he could absorb technical limitations, complicated business requirements, demanding customer expectations, and still rapidly create interactive prototypes. His work product not only remained within the bank's conservative design guidelines and brand constraints but still delivered an exciting, easy to use and emotionally engaging shopping experience.

The results consistently satisfied everyone and sales goals were routinely achieved."

Jim Kaufman
Director, New Business Product Management
Chaseshop | Valentine | Winter| Credit Card Art

"I first met Ron when he came into my office to ask how he could help. Even though he was not part of our group he gave his time working extra hours to redesign eHost.com, the latest acquisition at that time.

Since then he was a key contributor towards eHost being the lone group to survive the dot-com meltdown at Network Commerce.

He strongly influenced the development team, our business and technology by driving the design of product features and creating new brand identities (logo, tagline, UI, copy, banner ads, tutorials) for our online applications that include Domain Dashboard, eSellerCart, SiteBuilder and the main eHost site."

Joseph Shatara
Sr. Vice President
Network Commerce
Website: eHost.com |
Web-App's: SiteBuilder | eSellerCart | Domain Dashboard

"While Ron Ford was my Manager/UI Design Lead at Network Commerce Inc., I benefited greatly from his expertise and experience during my Website Builder assignment.

Today, I feel I have an improved design aesthetic for UI usability and web-optimized color schemes. I am also much more comfortable and efficient in UI Design software such as DreamWeaver, Fireworks, and Photoshop. As a creative mentor, he led me in developing concepts and designs, which I think, pushed the envelope of my skill set.

I sincerely appreciate his generosity, guidance, and kindness."

Hyunju Lee
Website Builder Project
Web-Templates For : SiteBuilder

"Ron is one of the best UI designers I have ever worked with. He fundamentally understands that beautiful graphics need to take a back seat to functionality and usability -- but he doesn't sacrifice the look and feel. Somehow he always makes it work.

Ron is the master of short term solutions. He never missed a deadline -- and in the .com world of the late nineties, that's almost a miracle. Ron has legitimate reasons for the choices he makes and works hard to ensure his layouts, designs and graphic illustrations support the sales and marketing efforts of the project.

And too, Ron is a thoughtful person and a delight to work with. He'll teach when he can, and deliver when he must. I would hire Ron in an instant if I had a position open for his skills."

Val Sanford
Director, Online Marketing
Singlestep Technologies
Projects: FreeMerchant.com | Tools | Merchant Center

“Ron had an immediate impact when he joined the ShopNow team in the fall of 2000. By conceptualizing an interface using shopping seasons as a visual metaphor he redesigned our site interface late one night. A few weeks later it launched and the click-through rate on the homepage rose from 5% to 20%.

He is a visual story-teller whose UI designs act as a set of influences that permeates the development of web-based products from start to finish. Ron is an attentive listener, responds well to critiques and consistently produced great work that was intuitive and fun."

Jennifer Rogers
Vice President Operations
Med-Data Inc.
Shopnow Fall | Winter | Cart-Man | Treasures

“I came to Ron with only an old brochure and an idea in 1996. He took the challenge by creating and developing virtually every aspect of the learn-by-doing.com website.

Today we do all our business on the internet and have been profitable since 1997. With Ron's immeasurable guidance, we've since become the nation's leader in mentor-based vocational job training."

Tom Mansfield,
National Broadcasters Training Network
Project: learn-by-doing.com

"I have known Ron Ford for more than 4 years. He worked with me together in a rapid pace team as a Senior UI Designer. His creative UI design and his hard working impressed everyone in the development team.

The combination of his unique, creative, artistic vision of UI design and well understanding the business lead our website to a higher level, made it much easier for customers to use, and also because of his well designed UI, we can always deliver our initiatives on time.

It was a great time when we worked together as he is a great team player and definitely was a great treasure to us. If possible, I would like to work with him again and let him be our UI Designer."

Stanley Wang,
Software Engineer
Last Project : eHost.com (Alpha)

“We have engaged Web-Visuals on two major projects and were extremely pleased with the work. Mr. Ford quickly grasped our requirements and translated them into dynamic and functional web sites in a minimum of time. Mr. Ford is not only a superb artist but also an excellent programmer.

One of our projects (Kiss My Caribbean Limited) was a very complex e-commerce site incorporating advanced Customer Relationship Management capabilities and Intershop 3’s Storebuilder system. He not only developed the complex CRM logic but also created an entire “front-end” interface that was very professional looking and at the same time, conformed to our “look and feel” requirements.

We highly recommend Web-Visuals for any web development project, large or small.”

Kevin Amazon
Managing Director
Python Marketing
The Project: kissmycarribean.com

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