Kiss My Caribbean

Kiss My Caribbean,
The Plan

This is an outline of the storyboard and how all the pages relate to work with Interworld 3


Web Pages Descriptions

Home Page:

Somewhat final

The homepage is the main jumping off point for the KMC e-commerce site. Interworld 3 (i3) gives you to approaches, the frame-based templemated version or the Direct Storefront entry (a user-designed). Here's an outline of the different components that comprise the homepage along with brief descriptions about alot of the pages that will be developed.

New comments and changes in blue (5/14)

Banners (not sure yet!)

Options: We will go full size at 468 pixel x 60 on category pages, not the home page.
Need to determine sizes. I'd recommend an industry standard. Your choices are full size 468 x 60 pixels or 1/2 size which is 234 x 60. But another option would be to go smaller 88 x 31 and you can show 2 to 4 of em down the right side of the page (potential sales). Last option would be to have a pop-up window containing the banner with close window and more info funtionality.

Intro-Page: This page will open with a cool animation and caribbean music setting the tone. The Hutroof navbar will be loaded on this page. Another possiblity would be to add a bottom frameset in which the user can control will selection they'd like played while hanging out at the KMC hut.


Hutroof-NavBar (located at the top of the hut)

Weather: This page will link into a frame-based page that links to an outside weather service (link?).

News: Updated newspage. Great place to have local merchants and artist to write informational press releases. Or an area where people who have been to the Carribeans can talk about wonderful spots they went to. Then cross-sell that with a vacation package going directly to that spot!

Sitemap: This was added from logo-nav. This will link to a page that displays all the categories and sub categories.

Help Desk: This links into the service area. Will be prompted to register to get online benifits of order status, etc... They will be able to see return and shipping policy's.

About Us: This links to the company bio and mission statement etc. Could also cross-link into the service desk.

Logo-Bar (top left)

Logo: Will link to the homepage

Home: This will also link to the homepage. I know redundant but novice users like to have the security of always starting over.

Members: Moved it from the hut roof nav bar in exchange for the sitemap. If people are not registered it will animate with enticing text to sign up for discounts and order tracking.

This takes the user to the members templates that shows them account status, wishlist, previous baskets, and some hot deals (like for cruises) exclusively for members. If not a member they'd be prompted to the registration panel.


Bamboo-Bar (located beneath Hut-Roof)
This stuff loads on the storefront page after the intropage
(Feel free to change the names or order)

Search: This will link to an enhanced search template that will allow users to do a general search or narrow down the criteria by price range

Our Favorites (name change cuz recommendations is too long of a word) Recommendations: This template is set-up to display paid merchant space. An example would be recommended places to stay while in the caribbeans.

Hot Deals: This links to a hot deals template that displays what's on sale for a limited time. They can either view more details or place items in their basket.

Your Basket: This will take them to the members, non-members basket template. Once in the basket template the user can checkout and make an online-purchase.

This was nuked and will be brought over into the membership pages Wishlist (bookmarks template): Linked to this page users can keep track of a wishlist of products they'd like to get. Not sure if this page is necessary. I'm afraid some people might get confused between checkout and wish list. Would be a good feature for member benefits just throw a wishlist in the basket.


Category-Signs (left)
This stuff loads on the storefront page after the intropage

Art, clothing, crafts etc... These link to all the top category pages. Each one (10 total) will have a sub-category list and featured products for that main category.

Member Services Sign-up: Have the text say "Free Membership" The link will take them to the member benefits page which will say "For free information about discounts, contests, products and news. etc"

Copyright and disclaimer: Are you going to have any legaleze type litature for these to link too? Or will just having the symbol be enough?

Main-Stage (center area)

Intro Text: This will be the intro text with embedded links highlighting targeted area's of the site

Featured Products: On the homepage three will be displayed in an 100 x 100 pixel width. The name and price and more info link are displayed.

Banner(s): Not sure yet where to put